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Careprost Eye Drops make your eyes stunning with long and dark lashes

Keith Lawrence
Feb. 14, 2017

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Eyes are the windows to souls and speak louder than your words. Considering eyes, the eyelashes are the frame to your eyes that not only protects your eyes but also make them dramatic and draw the attention of others too. Women of every age are very much conscious about eyes, especially, when they have tiny, thin and fewer lashes, or when they find the eyelashes falling. There starts the journey of using so expensive cosmetic products, for instance, false eyelashes, exclusive mascaras, eyelash extensions, and so many products. Even they experiment home remedies to make short eyelashes to be the bigger and thicker one. However, all these things can give you the glaze with long lashes but that is for temporary and make your lashes weaker.  


Who does not want to have impressive eyes? Every person loves his or her eyes with long lashes especially if it is the case in women and if you can have them naturally then it becomes an icing on the cake. Still, if you are not gifted with long, dark or thick lashes, then do not worry. You can gain that emergence by using Careprost eye drop, which helps to grow your lashes in a natural way.


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Who would know that the glaucoma sufferers, when used Careprost eye drop for maintaining their eye pressure in the condition of glaucoma, would encounter the side effect of long, dark and thick eyelashes? This later has been approved by the FDA for the use of eyelashes to make them long and for treating the condition of hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes. There started the journey for beautifying your eyes in order to boost their glaze by gaining the long, dark, thick and feathery eyelashes by using Careprost eye drop.


The Careprost eye drop is an ophthalmic solution made of Bimatoprost as the working moiety, which should be externally applied at the margin of the upper lash line for eyelash purpose. Bimatoprost present in the Careprost brand is an analog of prostaglandin that helps to make the anagen phase to stay longer in comparison to telogen phase for growing your lashes during hair growth cycle.


With Careprost eye drop, you just need the application for one time in the night before going to bed at the upper lash line. With the help of a clean and dry eyeliner brush or the provided applicator, draw a line of eye drop starting from the inner part to the outer as you apply eyeliner. Use it for once for a regular 12-16weeks and you will notice a change in your lashes within few weeks depending on your hair growth. Do not use Careprost eye drop for more than prescribed else, it can cause any ophthalmic problem. Therefore, while using Careprost, you should have to keep in mind some safety precautions as follows-


  • Clear makeup and remove contact lenses before using Careprost eye drop. You can reinsert the lenses if needed after 10minutes of using Careprost.
  • For using any other ophthalmic medication, make sure to keep a gap of 10minutes after using Careprost.
  • Prevent the drug contamination by avoiding the contact of bottle tip to any surface.
  • Do not use Careprost eye drop if you have any allergic reaction to any component of Careprost eye drop.
  • Use with caution in pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Careprost may cause some adverse effects of dry eyes, watery eyes, redness in eyes, iris pigmentation, irritation or itching in eyes, or blurred vision.


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