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Careprost Eye Drops Provide Dark and Llong Eyelashes

Keith Lawrence
Dec. 3, 2016

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Thicker, longer and darker eyelashes enhance attractiveness and prettiness of your eyes look. Bigger eyelashes play a significant role in making your big eyes even bigger to intensify the beauty of eyes. Dark and thick eyelashes look mesmerizing and people with naturally attained such lashes feel like god's gift.


Careprost Eye Drops Cure Glaucoma and Falling Eyelashes


Long lashes also protect your eyes from insects, foreign materials, and external injury. In case, if it is not inbuilt, then you can attain that in a natural way by using the most effective and successful solution by the name of Careprost eye drops, which is specially designed for eyes to facilitate the growth of lashes. Additionally, Careprost is also beneficial in the treatment of glaucoma condition.  


Careprost is a remarkable preparation to be used externally on the outer surface of eyes at the margin to gain the benefits of mesmerizing eyes with long, dark, thick and feathery eyelashes. Careprost eye drop encompasses Bimatoprost as the working element in the form of solution to be used for eyes only. Thus, Careprost eye drop is valuable in treating the condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes, short and insufficient eyelashes.


Bimatoprost falls in the category of prostaglandin and thus considered as prostaglandin analog, which initiates the growth of lashes. In addition, Careprost (Bimatoprost) eye drop is also valuable in the treatment of augmented pressure in the eyes.


There is a proper way to apply Careprost solution that can be carried out by applying a single drop of Careprost solution with the assistance of a provided applicator or a dry and clean eyeliner brush. You have to stretch a line beginning from the inner part to the outer end of the lash line at the margin. A continuous application should be maintained up to 12-16 weeks and you start to notice a change within 8 weeks, but you must continue. Apply the solution externally only for lashes and never exceed the dosing more than one time at the night.


Since you are dealing with the most sensitive part of the body that is eyes, so you should maintain some precautionary steps while using Careprost eye drop as follows-


  • Prevent unwanted hair growth by avoiding the contact of Careprost to any skin surface.
  • Avoid the contact of Careprost to eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Prevent the touch of the tip of the dropper or it can contaminate the solution.
  • Makeup and lenses should be removed before using Careprost eye drop.

Use the Careprost with washed hands and face. Close your eyes after the application to contact the solution to the lower lashes and so there is no need to apply at the lower one.


Few undesirable responses noticed with Careprost eye drop can include pigmentation of the iris, headache, drowsiness, irritation, itching, increased sensitivity to light, or vision change.


Thus, in the case of hypersensitivity, or any other problem in eyes, you must not use Careprost. Mention all your medical conditions to the physician before using Careprost as if pregnancy, lactation, or any other.


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