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Birthmarks - Pigmented


The birthmark, as the name suggests is a mark present on the body by birth. It generally includes moles, café-au-lait spots and Mongolian spots. Its alternative name is nevus sebaceous, congenital nevus, nevi, mole, hairy nevus, café-au-lait spots. It is also called birthmark-red.

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The birthmarks pigmented may occur in people who have genetic disorder and neurofibromatosis. Nearly every human being has mole in his or her body. The Mongolian spots are generally seen in darker people.

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Signs & Symptoms

There is no symptom other than the pigmentation on the body. The colour of pigmentation may categorize the type of birthmark in the person. The Mongolian blue spot is a flat bluish-to bluish gray skin marking that may commonly appear after birth. It may appear in the base of the spine, back and buttock or even shoulders.

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The birthmark pigmentation can’t be prevented as it comes by birth itself.

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Laser Therapy Modern Medicine

The birthmark pigment can be treated with laser therapy. The number of sessions may depend upon the type of pigmentation and the depth of the colour.

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