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Blackheads are the black spots or plug on the skin.  Medically, blackheads are termed as open comedones.Many people think it is a beauty problem and thought that it can be treated only in the beauty salons.Bot these are wrong notions as Our skin consists of many tiny pores.blackheads occur due to the blockage in these pores.When sebum,dead cells and bacteria land on these pores then, there will be oxidation of melanin pigments in the skin which erupts as blackhead.Sebum arises from the sebaceous glands.They are the forms of acne and not acne..It is believed that this is due to unhygienic condition but it is not necessary a condition to cause blackheads as excessive oils from the glands can also causes the blackheads.

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Causes are as follows:

Excess production of oil from the glands.

Not maintaining the proper hygiene condition

Use of make up




Lack of water in one's body.

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Signs & Symptoms

The appearance of black spots or plugs on the skin is a sign of blackheads.

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Prevention includes maintaining hygiene condition

Wash face at least two times a day with mild face and water

Plugs which are already formed should be extract by a physician only as the surrounding structure get damaged.

By using oil free cosmetics.


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Home remedies Naturopathy

A home remedy includes the steaming of the face by warm water and lime juice in it.this will loosen the blackheads from the skin and then washing with the help of cold water , removes the blackheads.

Blackhead strips to remove the blackheads by applying on the nose, chin,etc and after removing it blackheads get adhere to it.

Topical Agents and Medications Homeopathy

Usually they need not to be removed as they can be removed by itself.

Comedolytic topical agents consisting of :
            *Salicylic acid 
         *glycolic acid
            *Topical retinoids

Severe cases can also be suggested to the use of oral medication.


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