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The carbuncle is a skin disease which involves a group of hair follicles. The infected area lies deep in the skin and forms a lump called mass. There may be a condition when there is more than one carbuncle, this condition is called carbunculosis. This skin infection develops deeply into the skin and infects the underlying soft tissues as well. This may infect the blood, heart, bones, brain and other such organs. This disease is mostly seen in those patients who are steroid medicines or else are obese. Others with poor hygiene and weak immunity system and skin disease are also prone to this disease. The carbuncle is also commonly seen in diabetic patients. This disease is commonly seen in men. Carbuncle is also named as staphylococcal infection and staph skin infection.

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The carbuncle is mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus. This disease is highly contagious and may spread to the rest of the body.  It is made up of several skin boils. The infection causing elements may also enter the body through the contact of food from the contaminated hands and wounds. They may also enter the body by inhalation of germs.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient may complain of the following symptoms:-

  • The disease is mostly seen in the back of neck and side of the thighs of the patient
  • The boils on the skin may be large.
  • The pus is formed in majority and this leads to ulceration.
  • The papule is mostly of pea size but may become as large as a golf ball as well.
  • This nodule and skin may be pink or red.
  • This papule may be slightly or moderately painful.
  • Deep scar is left when the skin heals after the wound.
  • The patient may complain of fever, body weakness and pain along with chills.
  • Some patients may also complain of itching.
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To prevent the carbuncle you must regularly apply moisturizing creams etc to keep the skin soft. Avoiding contact with those people who are already infected helps to prevent carbuncle. You should not share your towel, soap and clothes with anybody. The contaminated laundries should be washed in hot water and detergent. Washing your hands with antiseptic lotions and soaps are good way to keep the disease at bay.

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Drainage of Pus Modern Medicine

The patient may need to periodically drain the pus so that the wound heals on its own. The area may be dressed if needed. The doctor may give out certain antibiotics, and medicines for pain, swelling and fever.

Surgery Modern Medicine

Surgery is recommended in severe cases. Warm compression is administered to reduce swelling and pain.

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