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Male Pattern Baldness


Baldness is a condition of thinning and losing hair, especially on the head. Male pattern baldness is considered as one of the most common forms of hair loss condition. In the condition, hair loss usually follows a typical pattern of hair thinning and losing. In every few months, hair grows about an inch. Normally, hair lives for approximately 4-5 years and after that they fall out. Baldness is one of the most common medical conditions that normally affects more than two-third of men’s population. Temples and the crown of the head are two main areas where hair loss is experienced by males in the significant number. Some other name of the conditions are baldness-male; hair loss in men.

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Hair grows in a follicle. When the follicle shrinks down and unable to produces hair, then males observed male pattern baldness. Normally, hair grows back but if the follicle gets shrink then it fails to produces new hair. Although, the cause of hair fall is not well-understood, it is said that male sex hormones and gens are primarily related to it.

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Signs & Symptoms

The common symptoms of male pattern baldness are thinning of the hair, shorter length of the hair; hairline recedes to form “M” shape, etc. Hair present near the crown starts appearing thinner.

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No prevention exists for the male pattern baldness.  

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Medication Modern Medicine

The treatment of the condition is not required if a person is comfortable with his appearance. The treatment of the condition normally ranges from surgical to the medicinal. Some of the safest and least expensive methods of treating male baldness are hair pieces, hair opting for weaving, change of hairstyle, etc.

Apart from these methods, some drugs like minoxidil, propecia, etc also help in treating male pattern baldness. Both the medications are quite effective and show visible results if used in the early stages of male pattern baldness.

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