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Florida conference offers new treatments to stay younger

Posted On: Aug. 29, 2011

London, Aug 28 (ANI): The 19th Annual World Congress on Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine in Orlando, Florida, has introduced some remarkable treatments, which could herald a new era in anti-ageing technology.

Here is a selection of the most remarkable age-reversal treatments on offer at the conference as reported by the Daily Mail.

1.Cell rejuvenation through telomerase activation A-65 activates an enzyme called telomerase that helps protect the telomeres, which are responsible for maintaining the quality of our DNA, thereby protecting the cell.

TA-65 is taken as a nutritional supplement and is produced by concentrating one of the compounds found in the astragalus root, a herb used in Chinese medicine.

The treatment cost from 120 pounds to 404 pounds a month, depending on age of patient.

2. Sleep better: the Alpha-Stim SCS treatment

The Alpha-Stim SCS (Stress Control System) is slightly larger than a mobile phone.

Treatment involves attaching two electrodes to the ear, wrist or forehead. The machine is then switched on. This produces a slight tingling sensation around the electrodes.

Patients usually experience better sleep within three days and after a week many report feeling less depressed, angry or anxious. It cost 299 pounds.

3. Prolotherapy: This treatment involves injecting the patient with a dextrose to repair tissue damage.

Prolotherapy is often performed in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and cost 245 including initial consultation.

4. Supplement: Nitric Oxide pills can boost circulation

This supplement contains enzymes that help convert amino acids in the diet into nitric oxide.

USN Alpha Nitrox NO2, 90 caps cost 25.99 pounds.

5.Laser Hat: To stimulate hair growth, this treatment is 2,000 pounds.

The cap is designed for home use but is available only on prescription. (ANI)

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